Conservatory Senior Living will present Discovery University, beginning Sept. 29 at Conservatory At Wells Branch in Austin, Texas. Free and open to the public, Discovery University will offer seniors its engaging and stimulating “The Road to the White House” lecture series. Classes are held monthly at 10:30 a.m. beginning Thursday, Sept. 29 through Thursday, Dec. 8 at Conservatory At Wells Branch.


Established in 2010 by Discovery Senior Living, Discovery University is designed for lifelong learners who are interested in enjoying personal enrichment and captivating discussions within the community it serves. The award-winning lecture series promotes thoughtful examinations and stimulating educational matter, promoting positive and exciting debates among members of the Austin community.

“Discovery University provides engaging lectures and thought-provoking discussions that participants find both fun and educational,” said Thomas Harrison, CEO and founder, Discovery Senior Living. “The ‘Road to the White House’ lecture series allows attendees to discuss nationally relevant topics and stay up-to-date on current events, especially as we lead up to the presidential election, and we look forward to seeing the community come together to discuss these timely and important topics.”

Discovery University’s “The Road to the White House” lecture series is led by Professor Philip Leto III, J.D., chairman of the education department at Discovery University. Leto began his career as an attorney in both public and private practices, then followed his passion for research and communications by becoming a lecturer and educator.

Leto will examine the historical and Constitutional basis of the office of the president, the Electoral College, the duties, powers and limitations of the office, biographies of notable American presidents and an examination of the important domestic and international issues presented during the primary and general election. The scope of Discovery University’s factual and unbiased lectures will include discussions on the following: Terrorism: The Cold War of the 21st Century; Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: Where do the Candidates Stand?; Now What? A Post-Mortem Analysis of the 2016 Presidential Election; and Happy Holidays and a Look Forward: Toward a “More Perfect Union.”

The Conservatory At Wells Branch is located at 14320 Tandem Blvd. in Austin, Texas. Participants are encouraged to RSVP two days prior to the class. For more information, or to register, participants are asked to call 512-388-2759 or visit